Colonel Ch. Ariunaa has been elected as the Head of the Asia-Pacific Disaster Statistics Technical Working Group


ESCAP called on member states focus on strengthening evidence-based policymaking for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, and invited member States to improve the quality and availability of data related to disasters. Subsequently, the ESCAP Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction at its third session requested that the ESCAP secretariat work towards more effective monitoring of the resilience of member States to disasters; and through the development of a basic range of disaster-related statistics in close coordination with the ESCAP Committee on Statistics. The Expert Group developed the Disaster-related Statistics Framework (DRSF), which was endorsed by the ESCAP Committee on Statistics at its 6th session in 2018. The Committee also supported the recommendation of the Expert Group to transform the Group into a technical working group as an international network of professionals and experts to support the capacity of member States to implement the basic range of disaster-related statistics that are internationally comparable, subject to review by the Committee on Statistics of the draft terms of reference for the technical working group. Colonel Ch. Ariunaa, Head of Cooperation Division of the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia was elected as the Head of the Working group. The representatives of the Statistical Office of Indonesia and the Disaster Management Committee of Fiji were elected as the Deputy Heads.

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