Lieutenant Colonel G.Tsengelkhuu become World Champaign


Lieutenant Colonel G. Tsengelku, general coordinator of the Information, Emergency Management Center of the Information and Emergency Management (101, 105) division.

He had participated with A.Joo in the world championship of extreme off-road sports by invitation Malaysian athlete the 9-time world champion and became the world champion.  

The 25th tournament was held in Malaysia on 28-8 December, and over 40 teams participated. Lt. Col. G.Tsengelkhu has been involved in extreme off-road motorsports since 2014, the championship in the off-road motor sports competition and successfully participated in the 2019 “Mazaalai” Challenge 4×4 extreme off-road motorsports competition of the Mongolian Off-Road Motor Sports Association.

He is an officer with the title of master of multi-sport sports and auto sports in fire extinguishing technique.

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