With the “what3words” application, you can determine your address and location and provide call information

Using the “what3words” application, the emergency management agency receives the hazardous event and emergency calls from citizens by 3-word address /what3words/, and it is an easy way to identify precise locations without delay.
In the event that the citizen giving information or calling does not know the location of the address or cannot provide the coordinates, he can provide the correct location by submitting the three-word address using the “what3words” app installed on his smartphone, either with or without the Internet.
If the citizen does not have the application installed on his mobile phone, the rescue team and the medical assistance team send the what3words FindMe special link by text message, and the citizen can access the website and tell the operator the three-word address of his location to receive the call without delay. Download and install this program from Playstore and Appstore depending on your mobile phone.
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