The II joint coordination committee meeting was held


Ulaanbaatar /NEMA/. The II joint coordination committee meeting of the second phase project “Strengthening the National Capacity of Earthquake Disaster Protection” implemented by the National Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA was held today.

The meeting was opened by Major General Ariunbuyan. G chief of NEMA, and Mr.Tanaka Shinichi, Head of the Representative office of JICA in Mongolia .

Major General G. Ariunbuyan mentioned in his speech, “At the first Joint Coordination Committee meeting, we developed an action plan, formulated the members of the working group and Joint Coordination Committee. Since the working group members have been working on earthquake-resistant buildings strengthening a long-term planning guideline and strengthening the methodology of the school, and kindergarten building resistance evaluation manual.

Regarding the project 10 buildings were selected for earthquake resistance evaluation, 5 building strength designs were developed, and a training center was established for Mongolian engineers. I would like to express my gratitude to all the colleagues’ representative offices of JICA in Mongolia and the representatives of co-implementing organizations who are supporting the successful implementation of the project.

Mr.Tanaka Shinichi, Head of the representative offices of JICA in Mongolia, noted in opening remarks “The second phase of the project will be based on the activities implemented in the first phase, to develop a manual with recommendations related to earthquake-resistant building reinforcement design and construction performance, and to support the necessary preparations for reinforcement work. He also emphasized that the scope of the project the disaster prevention center to improve the capacity of the organization within the framework will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the priority Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

After opening remarks, the working groups presented the report and shared the progress made so far and the activities to be implemented in the future, and shared their opinions.

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