Established a permanent sub-council for earthquake disaster prevention and preparedness


According to the President’s Decree No. 21 of 2011 and in accordance with the minutes of the meeting of the National Security Council on May 4, 2011, the composition of the “Standing Council for the Prevention of Earthquake Disasters” and by the Government Resolution No. 95 of 2011, Earthquake Disaster Protection the National capacity building plan was approved and completed tasks.

Particularly, according to the Government Resolution No. 271 of 2018, “Procedures for organizing disaster protection and domestic humanitarian aid”, Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia Order No. 217 of 2018, “Composition of humanitarian teams and their working procedures”, Order No. 249 of 2021 by Minister of Construction and Urban Development’s, “Procedures for demolition and construction of public residential buildings that do not meet operational requirements”, “Assessment methodology for risk of earthquakes in road and bridge engineering networks”, “Assessment methodology for risk and strengthening seismic resistance of buildings with heavy structures”, “Methodology for assessing and strengthening earthquake resistance of buildings with large flat prefab structures”, “Strengthening seismic resistance of buildings with cast reinforced concrete structures assessment methodology” have been newly developed and approved.

The Standing Council was dissolved by Government Resolution No. 350 of 2022 and was established as a Permanent Sub-Council by Deputy Prime Minister’s Order No. 12 of 2023. This council will be led by the Deputy Prime Minister, nine Deputy Ministers, and the Secretary of State five agencies.

The permanent sub-council is responsible for inspecting and certifying the seismic resistance and quality of housing and public buildings in cities and towns, strengthening and demolishing buildings that do not define operational requirements, and coordinating activities to prevent and preparation for earthquake disasters. National emergency management agency.

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