Welcomed Captain Christopher Bumann, who appointed as Regional Advisor for Civil Security


Within the scope of the agreement between the Government of Mongolia and the Government of the Republic of France on cooperation in the field of civil security, two comprehensive projects are being implemented in the National Emergency Management Agency.

In order to expand the cooperation between the two countries in the field of disaster prevention and support the continuation of the project of establishing an aerial search and rescue unit. Major General G. Ariunbuyan, Chief of NEMA welcomed the Captain Christoph Bumann was appointed as a civil security advisor to the Embassy of France in Mongolia

Captain Christophe Boumann has more than 30 years of experience in the field of rescue operations in France, and in 2021-2022, he cooperated in the training of the Aerial Search and Rescue Team and the development of the air base under the NEMA.

The regional advisor expressed coorpate jointly with Mongolia, Korea, and China based in Beijing, nowdays, he is working with Korea and China from Ulaanbaatar. By this, France shows that it attaches great importance to cooperation in the field of disaster protection in Mongolia.

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