Received Senior Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist, ADB


Major General G. Ariunbuyan, Chief of the National Emergency Management Agency received Mr. Yukitsugu Yanoma, Senior Specialist for Natural Resources and Agriculture of the Asian Development Bank.

At the beginning of the meeting Major General G. Ariunbuyan, the Chief of NEMA, was noted established neighborhood groups in 12 sum of 4 provinces within the framework of the project implemented “Strengthening Community Resilience to Dzud and Forest and Steppe Fires” with the support of the Asian Development Bank, to empower volunteer groups for disaster protection. It was emphasized an effective activities were organized in areas such as developing community-based disaster risk plans and trainings for public awareness in disaster prevention.

Also announced the activities of the project has been extended and additional funding will be decided in order to effectively implement the “Disaster Risk Assessment, Prevention and Risk Transfer Capacity Building Project” funded by the Asian Development Bank.

At the meeting, the parties agreed to corporate on the implementation of the loan project “Strengthening the unified system of disaster notification in Mongolia”. Mr.Yukitsugu Yanoma expressed, this project is important for strengthening Mongolia’s disaster preparedness capacity and reducing the damages caused by disasters.

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