Participated in interdepartmental experimental research work “Safe arctic 2023”


Junior Sergeant Erin.E, 4th-year student of the Fire Protection University in St. Petersburg, and Junior Sergeant Nurtilek.N 3rd-year student of the Fire Protection University of St. Petersburg in Russia. Students participated as a “guest-observer” in “Safe Arctic 2023” interdepartmental experimental research work which organized in Murmansk. They took part representing Mongolia and University.  

Within the scope of event, in the Arctic region were developed emergency response 16 scenarios event of an incident, and about 120 research experiments work completed.

Also, more than 40 representatives of the Eurasian region, Africa and Latin American countries over the 3 thousands of specialists of the unified state emergency prevention system of the Russian Federation and 650 units participated in this event with their operating equipment and machinery.

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