“Collaboration in times of disaster” exercise and training organized


The “Strengthening Capacity on Disaster Risk Assessment, Prevention, and Transfer Instruments” technical assistance project is being implemented by the Asian Development Bank for the period of 2020-2022.

In the framework of the project, National Emergency Management Agency organized exercises and training on the theme of “Disaster Collaboration”.

The training was attended by about 50 employees and staff of the capital city and district’s authorities, those who in charge for preparedness plans for disaster protection, and representatives from the Disaster Protection Agency and specialized units.

The training identified the roles of the state disaster protection agency and specialized units, ensuring effective leadership and conducted an activity to improve the interaction between state officials, ministries, agencies, and officials who are responsible for disaster protection efforts in the capital city and districts.

The exercise was conducted in preparation for “Strategic Command Staff” training in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Agency and the Governor’s Office of Capital City on May 24-26.

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