Trained personnel capable of implementing all function of Incident Command System


On May 24-26, the National Security Council, the National Emergency Management Agency, and the Governor’s Office of the capital city will jointly organize the “Strategic Command Drill” in order to prevent earthquake disasters, provide knowledge and information to the people, and improve coordination between governmental and non-governmental organizations. After participation on EOC and ICS training personnel and staffs can build work more efficiently. Most importantly, staffs are able to take the skills such as creativity, thinking strategically, and team work ability.

In this context, the National Emergency Management Agency, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, organized training on “Emergency Operational Center” and “Incident Command System” on the 17th-21st of this month.

In this training, participated over 200 personnel and staffs from the state military and law enforcement organizations, the governor’s office of the capital city, the disaster protection service, professional units, ministries, and agencies.

The training, led by trainers from the United States Forest Service, provided information on the role of the “Emergency Operational Center”, common problems in disaster relief operations, the Incident Command System, basic principles, structure, and organization. Developed operational plans at Emergency Operational Center, and learned how to operate by incident command systems.

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