Gained the experience of strengthening policy planning and methods to ensure earthquake resistance


In partnership with JICA, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is implementing the second phase of the project “Strengthening the National Capacity of Earthquake Disaster Protection and Prevention in Mongolia”. In the frameworks of the project the delegation led by the Chief of NEMA, Major General G. Ariunbuyan, visited Japan between April 17 -26 and attended training and gained experience.

As part of the training, the representatives visited and acquainted with how wooden, brick and concrete buildings such as schools, hospitals, and historical monuments of Japan are strengthened, and the importance of strengthening.

In addition, became acquainted on strengthening policy planning and methods to ensure earthquake resistance.

Although Japan has set a goal of strengthening all buildings by 2030, the progress of strengthening the construction of residential areas, especially those with wooden structures are relatively slow. The country has learned from the earthquake disaster and the damage caused by it, and in order to prevent it from happening again, the government and citizens are implementing the strengthening of buildings and structures on a national level with the public participation.

It was emphasized that by strengthening the building, it is possible to avoid earthquakes, to be intact and not to suffer damage.

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