Brigadier General B. Uuganbayar, the leader of the Mongolian Search and Rescue Team, Deputy Chief of NEMA, who performed at the epicenter of the earthquake disaster in the Republic of Turkiye


The President of Turkiye was handed over Humanitarian Service Medal to Brigadier General B.Uuganbayar.

During their operation, the Mongolian search and rescue team rescued eight people (including 2 children) from the under rubble of the building and took them to the health care facility, and the bodies of 19 people (including 6 children) were handed over to the relevant authorities.

A field medical team provided medical care to 649 people (including 72 children).
Also, according to the government’s decision, humanitarian aid including five tons of meat, one ton of candles, 1000 woolen blankets, and 20 complete Mongolian gers were sent to Turkiye was handed over.

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