Gained experience in earthquake disaster prevention in Japan


The National Emergency Management Agency is implementing the Phase II project “Strengthening Mongolia’s Earthquake Disaster Protection Capacity” in cooperation with JICA, the International Cooperation Organization of Japan.

Within the framework of the project, the representatives led by Colonel J. Damdinsuren, Head of the Operation Management Department of NEMA, participated in training and gained experience in Japan on the 17th-27th of July.

Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Ministry of Finance, NEMA, Department of Education of the Capital, and 8 officials of the Union of Construction Engineers of Mongolia got acquainted with the activities of the Disaster Prevention Center of Itabashi District of the country.

Although, received information regarding policies and measures aimed at ensuring earthquake resilience in Japan, local disaster protection plans, strengthening of school buildings organized by the administration, district administration building, and district secondary school strengthening process on-site experience of prevention.

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