Information exchanged regarding the joint implementing project


Major General G.Ariunbuyan met with Mr. Thierry Umber, head of regional coordinator for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

During the meeting, Major General G. Ariunbuyan gave information regarding the implementation of the “Strengthening the Capacity of Search and Rescue in Mongolian Cities” project, which has been implemented since 2017 by NEMA in cooperation with the Swiss Development Agency.

Also, providing all kinds of support to strengthen the capacity of search and rescue operations in the city, which will be a big boost to the goal of having a mid-level rescue team with the classification of an international search and rescue advisory team, providing technical instructions for search and rescue operations, training trainers.

He expressed his gratitude for the donation of technical equipment necessary for empowering the rescuers and for cooperating in all aspects, such as assisting in the construction of a modular training center for the training of rescuers.

In addition, Mr. Thierry Umber emphasized in his speech that he would exchange information regarding the rescue team of Mongolia, which played a role during the earthquake in Turkey last February, and that he would support in all aspects, focusing on the successful implementation of the joint project and the activation of trilateral cooperation with the Republic of China.

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