Exchanged views on ”Gobi Wolf-2024″ international exercise training


“Gobi Wolf” international exercise training is held annually in collaboration with National Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Embassy, and the Indo-Pacific military command.

Today, a consultative meeting was held to develop a plan for “Gobi Wolf-2024” international exercise training next year.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy head of the Emergency Management Agency, Brigadier General, Uuganbayar.B and the Deputy Atashe Sara Goodrow of the U.S. Embassy, Ariunaa.D, staff of the Defense and Cooperation Division, Major Alexei Feinblott, Major Marl Pasibe, Major Eric Kastner and Master Sergeant Ethan Werkola from the Indo-Pacific military command. 

The parties exchanged views on the content and policy planning of the “Gobi Wolf-2024” exercise training, which will be held next year.

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