1. Strengthen the legal environment of disaster protection, improve policy coordination, and develop partnership and cooperation on disaster risk reduction at national, regional and international level.
  2. Develop and strengthen a disaster risk management system and introduce science and innovation in disaster protection activities.
  3. Strengthen the management leadership of the organization and human resource development, and capacity building.
  4. Ensure disaster prevention measures as a universal activity, increase community disaster awareness and ensure public participation in disaster risk reduction.
  5. Strengthen professional management on disaster protection, enhance the preparedness of equipment and techniques, strengthen capacity of search and rescue, response and recovery operations in disaster sites.
  6. Ensure the fire safety, strengthen fire fighting system and improve the preparedness of techniques through fire prevention and state control.
  7. Deliver state reserve activities with management and coordination; strengthen disaster response  through efficient humanitarian assistance coordination and recovery.
  8. Increase disaster budget, financing, logistics and investment and introduce new technologies in disaster protection.
  9. Conduct monitoring and evaluation, and internal audit and increase the outcome and productivity in disaster protection.